Let Winwap Games make money for you

Show me how!

This is what we do

  • Help the developer with game Monetization.
  • Publish and market the game on the desired western markets.
  • License the game to a reliable Chinese Publisher.
  • Handle game analytics and tracking.
  • Teach developers about the Chinese market.
  • Build long term relationshiops with developers.
  • Work closely with the developer.

This is who we are

  • A company completely focused on Mobile Gaming.
  • Subsidiary to a 20 year old software company.
  • People with very long exposure to Internet and networks.
  • Experience from online marketing since Tucows was No.1
  • Persons that simply don't give up.
  • Finnish company with long tradition of honesty.
  • The guys you want to work with.

Game Highlight: Bear Honey Physics Advanture

Bear Honey Physics Advanture

Theo the bear sure loooooves his honey! Please help him collect it all! Looking for the newest fun and challenging game that will get you hooked from the start? This. Is. It! With amazing professional graphics this is the perfect game for everyone AND everyone! The goal is simple: being the honey to the bears. But the game is not! Every level the fun increases but so does the challenge! With different obstacles along the way the fun never stops! Use multiple physics tools and mechanism and the honey might just be one step away for these hungry farmer bears! Get ready to use your best logistics and physics skills to reach the goal!