Before we put your game to market we

  • Analyze and identify who the target consumers are.
  • Analyze game and monetization model.
  • Create/Write marketing material (pics/videos/texts/etc.)
  • Set up social media and web pages for the game.
  • Let developer integrate Adverts/Analytics/IAP (whatever is suitable for the specific game).
  • Other similar activities (and when possible, let developer make changes to game).
  • Soft-Launch on one market, learn about game and players before full game launch.

When launching your game to market we

  • Market, market, market! Put all social media, blogs, webs, etc into action.
  • Send out pre written articles to magazine/blog editors etc.
  • Put all user acquisition ideas into action.
  • Analyze data, learn about monetization, DAU, ARPU, etc.
  • - Update strategies and marketing according to learnings.
  • - Document what marketing works, and analyze why it works/fails.
  • Implement methods to re-activate gamers.