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Game Highlight: iZombie Witchcraft

iZombie Witchcraft

Apocalypse is near! The earth is full of zombies and we are counting on YOU to get rid of them! With many levels of addicting fun, this game will have you hooked trying to optimize the way you destroy the zombies from the beginning! With many levels of addictive fun the difficulty and challenge will increase! Every level you get a certain amount of witchcraft tools that may help you get rid of them. With the use of your physics and logistics aptitudes you will have to destroy the zombies and barriers to get to them. Sounds easy? it isn't! As if that wasn't a challenge by itself; try catching the treasure chest to increase your powers, ammunition and points! In order to kill the zombie you need to get rid of the blocks holding or in the way of it. There are four different types of...