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Game Highlight: Cosmic Starship

Cosmic Starship

Aboard your spacecraft, the Cosmic Starship and destroy waves and waves of hostile alien enemies and countless meteors. Dodge and avoid attack, power up your ship and weapon with Upgrade pods! Will you survive as an elite pilot?Cosmic Starship: Galaxy Shmup, is a Schmup (shoot'em up) survival shooting game. Players will be attacked by waves of alien spacecraft and try to survive as long as possible. Enemies will become stronger after each waves, it is up to the player's skill to strike for survival. Along the way, players will pick up pods to power up the Starship and strengthen the weapon and booster speed in order to beat tougher enemies.Cosmic Starship: Galaxy Shmup comes with 2 game modes, [10 waves] and [Endless]. Player can choose to challenge the super difficult 10 waves mode or ...