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Clown Boo

Clown Boo is an Augmented Reality game where the clowns don't scare you. It is you who scare the clowns!

The game is currently in development, but a prototype can be downloaded. The game is copyrighted by Winwap Technologies Oy, and distributed by Winwap Games Oy.

This game fetches all clowns from the server backend, and in this prototype there are only a few pre-drawn clowns to scare. Future versions will allow the player to create their own clowns and share them with the community.

Clown Boo


  • Shout at the Clown!
  • Throw water balloons at the Clown!
  • See your highscores!
  • See the highscores of other players!
  • Soon: Add your own animated clowns!
Clown Boo

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